Father dolindo ruotolo books

Father dolindo ruotolo guidance from jesus on how to. Dont let the demons of yesterday ruin the blessings of today, an exorcist once told me during an interview. This book is a tool for parents or educators in the catholic faith. Exorcists understand how the devil invades lives and steals away peace and holiness. This little book, a month with mary, was written by an italian holy priest father dolindo ruotolo 18821970. Father ruotolo had extraordinary communications with jesus throughout his heroic life, a life that was totally devoted to god and holy mother mary. Don dolindo ruotolo the priest dolindo ruotolo was born in naples on october 6, 1882 and died there on november 19, 1970 in the odor of sanctity. Don dolindo ruotolo, marys little old man, as he called himself. Father dolindo ruotolo guidance from jesus on how to find peace. He is a candidate for beatification and the catholic church has granted him the title servant of god.

Dolindo ruotolo 6 october 1882, naples, italy19 november 1970, naples, italy was an italian roman catholic priest. Beside that, he left a very large number of theological, ascetical and mystical writings. Dolindo ruotolo is the author of come, o holy spirit 4. Don dolindo ruotolo is the author of a profound and huge commentary on the holy scripture in 33 volumes. Dolindo ruotolo was born, in naples, italy on october 6,1882. Novena of father dolindo ruotolo day 2 very powerful duration. Father don dolindo ruotolo was a neapolitan priest 18821970, stigmatized miracle worker and mouthpiece of the holy spirit. This volume of the writings of don dolindo was first published in 1949 and republished in 1985. Constant meditation on death is part of the churchs precept to its members and father dolindo has given instructions in his books, sermons, in his meditations to his followers on the mystery of life, death, judgement, hell, purgatory, heaven and all are illustrated with such rich images to appear almost as if, he, like paul, had been. Surrender to the will of god novena of father dolindo ruotolo day 3 very powerful. These instructions comes to us through contemporary scholarmystic, father don dolindo ruotolo, a neapolitan priest 18821970, stigmatized miracle worker and mouthpiece of the holy spirit.

Some of father ruotolos writings were published in 1949 in the book come holy spirit, which combines theology with meditations to deepen the presence of the holy spirit in souls. Dolindo received the gift of understanding from above, through the intercession of the blessed virgin mary. He was a miracle of apostolic works of charity which consumed his strength up. It has become a classic in italy as an explanation of the role of the holy spirit as bestowed in confirmation. Daily meditations for a profound reform of heart in the school of mary. Twenty of his holy notes are in the book, meditations on the holy rosary. Don dolindo ruotolo currently a servant of god, this holy priests. Servant of god, father dolindo ruotolo patti maguire armstrong. Dolindo ruotolo a diocesan priest and franciscan tertiary was, with father pio of pietrelcina, a twentieth century spiritual cornerstone of the catholic church. Dolindo ruotolo god come to my assistance lord make haste to help me. Don dolindo ruotolo, an italian priest who lived from 18821970, deeply understood the relationship between our neediness and gods goodness.

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