Ycp pistons d16 turbo daily driver

The p2p0 spec ycp vitara pistons are custom made with friction reducing teflon skirt coating. Strenghtening the dseries bottomend on a budget hstuners. Brand new cp pistons including pistons, rings, wrist pins and locks for. D16y8 boosted or swapped to achieve 350hp daily driven. The turbo forums the discussion board for both hard core and beginner turbocharged vehicle enthusiasts. Honda d15 high compression build builds and project cars. Ycp 75mm vitara teflon coated pistons lowcomp civic d16y7. Should you daily drive a turbo integrahonda youtube. If you have a d16 motor you can go right a head and put these pistons on with no worries, it will drop your compression ratio enough to where a turbo setup will be perfect. Free shipping on all cp pistons in the continental 48 states. These are sold to install into any dseries block for turbo forced induction applications.

Small end bore bushed to match d16 piston s smaller pin size. That way my answers will help others in the future. To start posting in our forums, and comment on articles and blogs please. Detent system is easy to adjust to boost from the drivers seat gated system to bring boost on faster increasing boost pressure is an effective way to increase in horsepower cnc machined aluminum body psi.

These nippons are grayish from color and have darker color on top. Brand new cp pistons including pistons, rings, wrist pins and locks. Birds of prey 11 x 17 movie collectors poster print t4 b2g1f birds of prey. Covering everything from stock turbocharger cars, seriously fast drag racers, boats, motorcycles, and daily driver modified turbo cars and trucks. I know that alloy isnt as strong as 2618 but it has to be stronger than cast piston and the rings should last longer than the 2618 piston with their much larger piston to wall clearance. D16z6 civic turbo 15psi eagle rods and ycp piston youtube. Pistons, d16z6 forged pistons cp pistons honda d16z6 forged piston and ring set 2. In most cases, these will directly replace the stock pistons. The t 4b 1 2 shown on this page are offered for sale at deep discounts from ebay. Any size vitara pistons with eagle h beam connecting rods. Teflon coated piston oversize 76mm 040 hastings rings. Rs pistons increase displacement and helps unshroud valves to produce horsepower.

Bseries power plants like the b16a, gsr, and typer variants, the dseries engines usually get dumped in the trash. This application also work well for moderate compresion na engines. Hondaacura k20, k20a, k20a2, k20z1, k20z3 cp pistons 12. After reading the faqs i wonder about using a 4032 alloy forged piston in a daily driver with say 350whp for a lower maintenance high mileage fa20dit. This is a complete set of ycp brand suzuki vitara pistons. The shorter b16 rods with a d16 stroke will result in a 1. After i get my block built i am going to redue my head so and put it on for little down time. Speedfactory nonotch hbeam long rod and vitara piston. Ycp vitara pistons with rings for d15d16 sohc engines civic d.

Ebay seller uyunira nippon racing jdm honda vitara d16 turbo pistons eagle rods arp acl race 75mm ebay the pistons dont look the same as ycps to me at all. Originally posted by hondabitch you need to get rid of the stock fuel pump that only puts out 195 and get one that puts out 255 then bord it out to a 2. Turbo kits d series for d15z1 d16z6 d16y7 d16y5 d16y8 d15b8 d15b7 d16z6 d15b2. These are sold to install into any dseries block for turboforced induction applications. Cp pistons honda d16z6 forged piston and ring set 2. Nice write upcrazy horses 4 a honda daily driver and on a single cam. How much horsepower can i get out of a civic d16 1. Your turbo setup and tuning is what will really determine your power output. The toyota pistons height make up for the length of the rod, thats why its still usable in a d series engine.

Ycp 75mm vitara full kit teflon coated lowcom pistons civic d16y7 y8 turbo 9600. Cp pistons represent the highest quality and are engineered for maximum power. I look forward to the day when bseries parts get disregarded in this way in favor or the kseries. With the ls conversion in place, a stageiii power xtreme turbo kit was bolted in place. I have all the parts minus kpro so im not a complete noob but i know near nothing about a d series. These are sold to install into any dseries block for turbo applications. Theyre made of a much stronger cast than nippons and are coated as well.

Mlbhlik1t oem acura tl tsx remote flip key 4b trunk driver 2. As a daily driver, ive learned to appreciate the quietness. Ls rods with stock sohc pistons ls rods can be found cheap as well as d16 pistonsbig end bore width milled to match d16 cranks rod journals. Honda civic drivers, normal pistons should suffice because the car isnt built. Vitara piston turbo d16 builds are one of the most popular 300500hp street honda. Ill be using an ls crank and eagle h beams ls length with probe srs forged pistons 81. Ycp 75mm d16 vitara pistons hastings rings teflon coated. Then you could punch out the d15 block 1mm and use std size d16 pistons. Ycp vitara pistons with eagle hbeam rods d16 d series. They are compatible with oversize valves, higher lift cams and high performance rings. Performance series d 20 d16 d16z6 turbo d15 compatible blemish ac manifold t3 t3 blemish manifold ac performance turbo d15 d16z6 series compatible 20 d d16.

This basic combination allowed the car to drive at 12. Find great deals on ebay for d15b2 pistons and d15b2 rods. B16a rods are a lot stronger than d16 rods, and can handle boost way better. Inside the d16 head featured a bisimoto cam gear, bisimoto springs. Features high strength aluminum forgings super lightweight designs fully. Rs custom pistons are available for popular and full custom applications. These pistons are made of the same strength as the ycp vitara pistons used on d16 engines for boost and they have produced over 450whpvitaras.

We currently hold the world record for horse power on these pistons in a stock sleeve d16z6. Each of these pistons was designed through extensive research and development with the cooperation of some of the biggest names in motorsports. Also if you are using a jdm d15b vtec motor, you can do this as well because the rod length on those is the same as a d16. Dseries piston page heeltoe automotive, in your corner. Ycp is a company that do replacement pistons for different cars. Instead of slapping on a giant turbo and calling it a day, bisi build the d16 like he. Nippons are ok for all motornot for turbo though i have ycp pct type r pistons for sale at ebay too. Eagle rods block may need to be machined to accept rods block guard. Can you boost without upgrading the internals pistons, rods, valves, retainers ect.

The following is by far the most cost effective solution. With arias forged pistons lowering compression down to 9. Everything you need to make 500hp with a honda civic on a. Eg civics are cheap and the d16 singlecam engine is often. Still though, as with virtually any piston, they can fail for a number of. Not all d15 and d16 pistons are identical im no expert on honda pistons or honda engines, but all d16s had a 75mm bore, while some d15s had a 74mm bore, so they couldnt have shared pistons. Hey guys, i have a d16 and im planning to add a turbo kit.

I go over some downsides to daily driving a turbo honda and things that might make you rethink using it as a daily driver. Ycp vitara pistons with rings for d15d16 sohc engines. I introduced this idea of using these pistons and was somewhat critisized but now the opinions are different since ppl have started to see how well these pistons work. Im posting this to get some real numbers for those wanting to turbo the slow d16y7.

Largely due to the installation of bigger and more powerful. Cp forged turbo pistons integra gsr b18 b18c b18c1 flat. Boport performance forged turbo pistons powered by. Hence the reason i asked the seller for more detailed pictures and the actually material test. Whether youre racing a honda, acura, mitsubishi, toyota, nissan, or subaru, cp pistons has specially designed highperformance pistons offtheshelf. D16 vitara ycp 75mm teflon coated crx turbo comp rings honda npr pistons low low honda pistons npr d16 turbo crx comp coated vitara rings 75mm ycp teflon. New honda civic crx 76mm d16 d15 ycp vitara turbo pistons with piston rings.

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